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Senator Terry Moulton Discusses the Recent Session, Part 5

Monday, April 14th, 2014 -- 9:32 AM

-State Senator of the 23rd District, Terry Moulton, is proud of the work done in the recently finished session.

Senator Moulton stopped by the station and talked about several other bills he supported in this recent session.

Senator Moulton believes that Wisconsin?s economy is heading in the right direction.

Senator Moulton said, "The economy is heading in the right direction. I mean, we're seeing budget surpluses now in state revenues. It appears that there have been about 17,000 new businesses created in the last few years in Wisconsin. We've seen an increase in jobs. I know I just had a meeting with the chief economist from the Workforce Development Area in Eau Claire and he was telling me how the west/central part of the state is doing well with the diversity we have in agriculture, small business and manufacturing."

Senator Moulton also talked about $15 million that was committed to Workforce Development Grants and why he supported that initiative.

Senator Moulton said, "I think that, when you look at the jobs that are out there, many of them are jobs that require a certain amount of skills. These skills are something that the tech colleges can train people for. So that money directed towards the tech colleges, I think, will go a long ways towards getting the people the skills they need to meet the current jobs are available in the market."

Senator Moulton has also confirmed that he will seek re-election as Senator of the 23rd District. He has no democratic challenger at this time.

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