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Senator Terry Moulton Discusses the Recent Session, Part 4

Friday, April 11th, 2014 -- 1:29 PM

-State Senator of the 23rd District, Terry Moulton, is proud of the work done in the recently finished session.

Senator Moulton stopped by the station and talked about several other bills he supported in this recent session.

One was Governor Walker?s tax cut package.

Senator Moulton said, "I believe the tax payers are the ones that should see the benefits of this surplus. The hard working tax payers of Wisconsin. I think when you put that money back into their pockets, they will be the ones that best determine what they do with that money. But generally, the will spend that money, fuel the economy and the goal is that we'll see even more revenue come in because that money will be spent in the economy and continue to help things improve."

Another bill Senator Moulton supported was the 180 days bill for schools, which has been signed into law now, and he supported a bill that increased the per-pupil aid to schools.

Senator Moulton said, "$150 over the biennium in increased school aid and we also increased the revenue limit by the same amount over that period. I think that definitely helped out. I think another thing we did to help out the rural districts is we increased transportation aids in some of the rural districts."

Senator Moulton has also confirmed that he will seek re-election as Senator of the 23rd District. He has no democratic challenger at this time.

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