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Senator Terry Moulton Discusses the Recent Session, Part 3

Thursday, April 10th, 2014 -- 1:44 PM

-State Senator of the 23rd District, Terry Moulton, is proud of the work done in this recent session.

Senator Moulton stopped by the station to talk about some of the bills he authored and sponsored.
One was for Extended Foster Care.

Senator Moulton said, "Another piece of legislation that I was involved with, and authored, was a bill to allow the kids, who are in the foster care program, who were aging out at age 18; if they're currently in school and have what's called an Individual Education Program, an IEP, it allows these kids to stay in school, get their degree or at least stay in until their 21 years of age. Which will go a long way towards helping some of these kids who are, maybe in some cases cognitively disabled or whatever, to actually finish their high school education or tech college degree."

Senator Moulton has also confirmed that he will seek re-election as Senator of the 23rd District. He has no democratic challenger at this time.

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