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Greenwood Scores Very Well on DPI's WKCE Tests, Final

Thursday, April 10th, 2014 -- 1:38 PM

-The Wisconsin Department of Public Instruction has released the results of the WKCE tests taken by Wisconsin students.

The students at the Greenwood School District have performed very well once again. Jennifer Vogler, Greenwood?s Superintendent, discussed why she thinks Greenwood sees this success year after year.

Miss Vogler said, "We take a lot of time to review our data each and every year. We have what we call a "data retreat." So, we review our WKCE scores. We look at our strengths, what are we doing very well in, and then we look at the areas of concern. If we find areas of concern that are repeated throughout the grade levels; we fill those gaps and we set goals in the areas of reading, math and language. Our school board adopts those goals and then we do everything possible to implement those things that we need to be doing throughout the school year."

Miss Vogler is very proud of the students at Greenwood, but she said that testing is going to be a little different next year.

"We are very proud of everything that we do in Greenwood," said Miss Vogler. "Our students, year-after-after, have done phenomenal with our WKCE scores. Next year, we will be looking at a change to how we do our testing. Our WKCE will be given to students in 4th, 8th and 10th grade only in the areas of science and social studies. But then we have, which many people have heard of now, is the Smarter Balanced Assessment which is replacing the reading, the language arts and the math portion of the WKCE. The WKCE part will still take place in the Fall, but then the rest of our students in 3rd-8th grade and 11th grade will take the Smarter Balanced Assessment and that will be the last 12 weeks of the school year where will get our window and go on and take our test."

Congratulations to the Greenwood School District.

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