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Senator Terry Moulton Discusses the Recent Session, Part 1

Wednesday, April 9th, 2014 -- 9:05 AM

-State Senator of the 23rd District, Terry Moulton, is proud of the work done in this recent session.

Senator Moulton stopped by the station to talk about some of the bills he authored and sponsored.

One was the Healthy Jobs Act.

Senator Moulton said, "I had three major bills that I was involved with, that I authored. First being the Healthy Jobs Act which is a bill that I worked on for several years. It's a work place wellness and prevention program that's targeted towards small businesses. Most large businesses have discovered the benefits of wellness programs. They usually see a $3 to $7 return on their investment. It reduces absenteeism, improves employee productivity and, most importantly, reduces healthcare costs. So this bill targets small businesses because they sometimes don't have the capital to start these things. It's a grant program that, basically, if you qualify for this grant it will pay up to 30% of the cost of implementing the wellness program."

Senator Moulton said that they have made great strides in turning Wisconsin around in the last two years, but there is still more work to be done.

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