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Mary Burke Visits Neillsville

Monday, April 7th, 2014 -- 11:13 AM

-Mary Burke, the democratic candidate for governor running against Scott Walker, stopped, briefly, at the Neillsville American Legion Saturday afternoon.

Burke talked about her concern with the lack of job growth in Wisconsin and low income of Wisconsin residents. She also touted her success at Trek Bicycle and in the Wisconsin Department of Commerce.

Burke told me what her number one priority will be should she be elected.

Burke said, "Jobs. Wisconsin, under Governor Walker, is trailing every state in the mid-west but one. We're 9th of 10 and we are trailing the country as well. We have too many people that are unemployed. So we have to make sure Wisconsin's economy is growing. That means investing in worker training; it means having a strong education system; it means making sure that we have new businesses that are being started. And also make sure that we are addressing every area of our state that has high unemployment and making sure that we are tailor making our solutions on how we're going to address that."

She also mentioned her desire to increase the minimum wage and roll back the voucher expansion.
Burke touched briefly on her strategy for winning the governor?s seat as she goes up against Governor Scott Walker who was elected in 2010 and survived a recall election in 2012.

Burke said, "This election is going to be about a different way of approaching governance. It's about putting problem solving ahead of politics. Governor Walker is a career politician. I'm a business woman. It's a different approach."

Citizens brought up several topics with Burke including ACT 10, charter and voucher schools, outside influences in elections, voting restrictions and more. Burke encouraged everyone to spread the word on her priorities and to get out and vote.

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