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Neillsville Propane Dealer Says, "Propane Issue Has Improved" Part 2

Wednesday, April 2nd, 2014 -- 10:25 AM

-Things have improved in the state of Wisconsin when it comes to the supply and prices of propane.

Tim Voigt, of Custom Heating and Cooling, talked about the future and what Governor Walker, along with other state?s governors, is doing to avoid a situation like this again.

Tim said, "In the future, what the plans are, Governor Walker has been asked to get together with other governors and he wants to put propane at the top of the list to work with. Prices have come down very nicely right now. I believe that the future looks like it's going to come down and stay down as normal years. This is one of probably 45 years that this has happened and we're looking forward to not having to go through it again. They're taking a lot of measures to continue to communicate and making sure that their customers are aware of that."

Mr. Voigt talked about prices lowering and suggesting to people to wait and buy their propane during the summer fill.

Tim said, "Prices are coming down very well. Summer fill should be normal prices that you see and I suggest people wait because that's the best time to buy during the summer fill price. And to do a pre-buy for next year, they're taking measures to make sure the gas will be available."

Mr. Voigt strongly urges those that may have been greatly impacted by the propane shortage to look into heating assistance.

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