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Two Former Clark County Village Leaders Charged With Theft

Tuesday, April 1st, 2014 -- 2:41 PM

-Two former Village of Curtiss leaders are accused of changing the minutes of meetings to give themselves a raise.

According to investigators, 75-year-old Arlan Hamm, former village president, and 65-year-old Deborah Krauter, former clerk-treasurer, were charged when they changed the minutes of meetings to give Hamm a $15,000 salary that was never approved by the board. Likewise, Krauter is accused of taking an unapproved $.25 an hour raise.

The two individuals would cover up the incident by creating fake documents, fail to bring vouchers to meetings or approve vouchers without following protocol.

Krauter claims that she was bullied by Hamm to do what she did and Hamm denies it. He states he simply took money that was owed to him after all the work he did for the city.

Hamm and Krauter have been charged with felony misconduct in office and theft. They will appear in court again later this month.

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