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Neillsville Propane Dealer Says, "Propane Issue Has Improved" Part 1

Tuesday, April 1st, 2014 -- 1:41 PM

-Things have improved in the state of Wisconsin when it comes to the supply and prices of propane.

Tim Voigt, of Custom Heating and Cooling, said that Wisconsin is facing a shortage, but things are far better than they were a couple months ago.

Tim said, "It has improved, but they're still on what they call an allocation. At certain times, you have a hard time getting LP Gas, but that has improved and, of course, as the usage goes down that will improve greatly. The other thing is, they are looking at putting in a lot more money into the facilities that hold inventory as they have not been worked on since the 1960's."

Mr. Voigt was happy to inform me that, during the shortage, his business was able to honor all the pre-buy contracts they had.

Tim said, "I'm pleased to announce, from the last time we interviewed, that we were able to honor all contracts, everybody that had a pre-buy contract. That, of course, means that if you pay ahead for your fuel, that you get your contract. It was really touchy there for a while, but we worked with Governor Walker's office very diligently. We worked very hard, my staff worked very hard, to make sure that we honored every pre-buy customer."

Mr. Voigt strongly urges those that may have been greatly impacted by the propane shortage to look into heating assistance.

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