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Election Day: Contested Clark County Races

Tuesday, April 1st, 2014 -- 8:23 AM

-It?s Election Day here in Clark County.

There are many positions up for vote this time around including board of supervisors, city councilmen, mayors and school board positions. But, many of the races are uncontested with one person seeking the seat or 2-3 seats available for 2 or 3 people, as is the case with many school board races.

However, that is not the case for some races around the county. For the Board of Supervisors, District 10, which includes Ward 2 of the Town and City of Colby, will have to choose between Bryce Luchterhand and Jeff Kolzow.

District 11, which includes Wards 1, 2 and 3 of the City of Owen and Ward 1 of Longwood, will have to choose between Andrew Schade and Scott Jalling.

In District 28, which includes the Town of Dewhurst, Ward 2 of the Town Hewitt and Levis and the Town of Mentor, will vote for either Charles Harwick or William Neville Jr.

District 29, which includes Ward 1 in the Town of Levis, Ward 2 in the Town of Lynn, Town of Sherwood and Town of Washburn, will vote for either Norman Casey Wesenberg or Randy Sebesta.

The City of Abbotsford will vote for either Joanna Mediger or Brent Faber for the 2nd and 5th district councilmen.

Neillsville has a repeat of the last mayoral race with current Mayor Steve Mabie running against former mayor Dewey Poeschel.

Thorp will vote for Jo Ann Piwoni or Brain Abramczak for the 3rd district councilmen.

For school board races, there is a 3-person race for two seats between Laurel Meek, Nehomah Thundercloud and Patty Jacobson for the Black River Falls School Board.

Colby also has a 3-person race for two seats between Rick Weber, Deb Koncel and Cheryl Ploeckelman.

Marshfield has 4 people vying for two seats on their school board with Jason Angell, Dorothy Chaney, Mark Konrardy and Dennis Juncer running.

The Owen-Withee School District has two people running for one seat with Lonny Klabon and Dean Schmelzer looking to get the seat.

Pittsville has four people running for two seats and they are Mandy Hoogesteger, Dick Koeshall, Matt Faber and Melissa Marti.

The Spencer School District has three people running for two seats including Dawn Reckoner, Steve Nigon and David Post.

Finally, Thorp has four people running for two seats and they are Dan Schultze, Dave Burke, Brenda Henke and Jeanette Kodl.

Two other items of note on the ballot will include the referendum for the Town of Freemont regarding the building of a new fire hall and community center and the Owen-Withee School District?s $300,000 budget override referendum.

Feel free to contact us with questions and/or comments.