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Memorial Medical Center Community Forum, Part 2

Thursday, October 24th, 2013 -- 9:14 AM

-Memorial Medical Center staff, board members and members of the hospital?s steering committee held a forum for the community about the future of MMC and healthcare in the county.

Dr. Kim Byas, an executive with the American Hospital Association, was the guest speaker at the event and he provided information on the external factors that are affecting a facility like MMC.

Those factors include items like cost reimbursement, the Affordable Care Act, doctor shortages, assistance and more. The focus of his speech was whether or not MMC will rise to meet the challenges ahead. As Dr. Byas said, there are no blueprints to this process and MMC and the community must decide where they want their hospital to go from here.

Another question that was brought up by Dr. Byas was whether or not MMC wanted to continue to go solo or become part of a system. A citizen in the audience later asked about a merger. But board member Gary Weirauch said that MMC will continue forward on their own.

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