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Fire Engulfs LP Tanks at Body Shop in Jackson County

Wednesday, October 9th, 2013 -- 8:54 AM

-A fire at a body shop near Black River Falls in Jackson County engulfed two liquid propane tanks on Monday.

The Black River Falls Fire Department responded to the scene at Wild Body Shop located on Highway 54 around 4:30pm in the Township of Albion.

When the department arrived, employees had distanced themselves from the building and informed them that two 1,000 gallon liquid propane tanks were on fire at the north end of the body shop.

Apparently the fire started when an employee was cutting brush around the tanks and an LP vaporizer with a chain saw when he hit a copper gas line. The pilot light in the vaporizer caused the leaking gas to ignite. The employee did receive some burns to his arm, but he refused medical treatment at the time. He did go to the hospital on his own later.

The department was able to extinguish the blaze on the tanks and they extinguished a fire that had spread to two vehicles parked nearby. One is a total loss the other just has heat damage.

The property is insured and a damage estimate is not known at this time. The department was on the scene 1.5 hours with 16 firefighters.

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