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Complaints About the Woodland Hotel Discussed at Owen City Council Meeting

Tuesday, October 1st, 2013 -- 8:18 AM

-The Owen City Council discussed complaints received about the Historic Woodland Hotel at their meeting last week.

Andrew Schade, the Chief of Police in Owen, reported that he had received an anonymous complaint regarding the Historic Woodland Hotel and vendors that remain unpaid for liquor purchases. Furthermore, the Department of Justice-Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms sent in a special agent to conduct an investigation. Chief Schade was also present during the investigation and was witness to numerous violations of state law.

Present at Owen?s City Council meeting were numerous employees of the Woodland Hotel and a business located inside the Woodland all in support of Roger Wallace and keeping the Woodland open for business. The Council discussed the violations against the Woodland.

The magnitude of possible charges are then tallied by the point system used in the Owen City Ordinance Sec. 7-2-17. The tallied points assist the Council in the determination of a suspension or revocation of the Liquor License.

After discussion by the Council and consideration of the audiences input, the council approved to suspend for 30 days the Class B Combination Liquor License for the Woodland Hotel and will be re-visited by the Council during their October meeting.

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