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Granton Interim Administrator and Speech Pathologist Discuss District's Speech Program

Monday, February 22nd, 2021 -- 1:01 PM


-The Granton School District provides many educational services to all students in the district.

One of those is the Speech and Language Program.  I spoke with Granton’s Interim Administrator James Kuchta and Granton’s Speech and Language Pathologist Amy Zoschke and they discussed the program in more detail.

Mr. Kuchta:  “I always enjoy talking about our superstars here at Granton and today we have Amy Zoschke.  She is a Speech and Language Pathologist working with our students here in Granton and she has worked here for a number of years.”

Amy:  “This is actually my 6th year working as a SLP.  And I have a combined 4 years in the Granton School District.  I started in 2015 and worked the 2016-17 year and then I returned last year for the last 2 years."

"I serve all the district, Kindergarten through High School, but I mainly work with the younger grade levels.  Kindergarten through 2nd Grade is the bulk of my students.”

Question:  “And what kind of services do you provide?”

Amy:  “Many of the areas that I focus on are articulation or speech sound production skills, especially with the younger kiddos.  But there’s also needs, as far as language goes, it could be expressive, how they’re using the language itself."

"Or recessive, how they’re understanding language from others.  And then I do have a couple other kiddos that have some stuttering issues as well.  So, a wide variety.”

Question:  “How do you help those students that may be having those issues?”

Amy:  “So, this year, because of COVID, I’m working one-on-one with my students.  As you can imagine, the whole mask issue is very difficult when you’re working on speech sound production skills."

"It’s really important for me to be able to see their mouth so I know how they’re making their errors and it’s also really important for them to see my mouth, so I can model correct production for them."

"So, I try to make it as fun as possible, especially to get those younger kids engaged.  So, we play a lot of games and get lots of repetition in of sound skills and really try to make it fun for them.”

Mr. Kuchta:  “I can tell you that seeing Amy work in the various modes of teaching with our students, helping them to form sounds with different letters and word sounds, I know the students love to work with her and are really encouraged.  She’s so positive helping our students."

"And all of our staff here at Granton know that Amy is a superstar working with our students and helping them to start out early on and help them to be successful all through life."

"Because articulation and communication is so vitally important for all of our students know matter what future field or choosen occupation they may take on in their lifetime.”

Question:  “Anything else?”

Mr. Kuchta:  “Amy is a shared teacher.  She works here and at another area school district, Loyal.  So, we’re able to have her come in half time and work with our students.  Is it 50%?”

Amy:  “40%”

Mr. Kuchta:  “40%.  So, we get Amy two days a week and she’s 3 days a week at Loyal.  But the services that she provides we see as just being vitally important for our students and their future success.”

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