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More Info on Granton School District's Reopening Plan
Friday, July 31st, 2020 -- 12:05 pm
Posted by Riley Hebert-News Director

-The Granton School Board held a special school board meeting on Monday.

At the meeting, they approved the district’s reopening plan for the new school year. The general school protocol outline includes everyone entering Granton Area School buildings will have their temperature taken as a precautionary measure. Staff members will have protective shields for their use when working with students and students will be assigned seats on the bus, in the classroom, during lunch, etc. to promote social distancing throughout the school day. All students will report to school through the field house entrance and have temperatures taken. Any student who has an elevated temperature will report to the office for parent notification and pick up will need to take place within one hour of notification. Students who become ill during the school day will also be picked up within one hour of notification. Parent and visitor access to the school building will be limited. Students living in the village of Granton will be asked to walk to school to allow for social distancing on the bus routes. Masks and other Personal Protective Equipment will be encouraged, however, students will wear a mask during the passing time in-between classes. Parents will be personally notified if there is a concern about their student being exposed to a positive COVID-19 case. For general school expectations, Granton Area Schools plan to return to school this fall in a face-to-face format while understanding that some families will have health concerns. Granton Area Schools will safeguard students and staff by diligent cleaning, social distancing, and safety protocols such as encouraging personal cleanliness and mask wearing where appropriate. Student safety and privacy will always be respected during the school day. Classroom teachers may group students in a cohort model for specified amounts of time. Learning will be planned to be as coherent and consistent as possible and classrooms will be flexible and accommodating to react to changing conditions.

For teachers, they will develop lessons that are consistent and flexible to adapt to changing conditions. Teachers will develop short, subject specific lessons that can be streamed or recorded for students who are unable to physically attend school. Teachers will use Google Classroom at the teaching platform for in school and off campus learning. Teachers will communicate with families through Classroom Tag which will be deployed at the onset of the school year and each teacher will establish classroom protocols. For families, the district asks that you support students in their learning endeavor and have patience with changing conditions. Also communicate with staff members and students on a regular basis and adapt to changes that are made as they are entering the school year during unprecedented times. If students are ill at home, parents will keep them home. If students become ill during the school day, parents will pick up their child within one hour of notification. Finally, for students, they ask that they try their best during all phases of learning. Ask questions when they are confused or nervous about situations. Communicate with teachers about struggles and progress on a regular basis and check email and Google Classroom daily. Also, complete assignments in a timely manner and submit them to your teacher and try to be as patient as possible. These are really different times and it is difficult to be a teacher and a student during this pandemic.

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