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Loyal School Board Discuss Employment Matters
Saturday, May 23rd, 2020 -- 8:14 am
Posted by Riley Hebert-News Director

The Loyal School Board discussed employment matters at their meeting on Wednesday.

They discussed evaluations and support staff wages. They also read the Teacher of the Year nomination summary and selection. They also discussed new faculty hiring options and consideration of a health insurance proposal.

The board as a whole agreed that many of the support staff wages are low and they struggle to be competitive when hiring. Consequently, a $1 per hour increase was approved for all hourly staff.

They also approved the new faculty and staff including Kyle Damask, a St. Point native, was hired for Dale Recknerā€™s spot in Social Studies; Cale Cuddie and Angie Kollmansberger were offered various positions in Health, Phy Ed, Drivers Ed, replacing Wanda Boldon and Bob Lenz. Also, the various coaching opportunities (football, volleyball and boys basketball) will be posted.

Finally, the board approved a new health insurance proposal. For simplicity, they focused on a family plan, which 48 employees have. In exchange for a much lower premium, the $4000 deductible would have to be met by the entire family as a group with all medical visits and prescriptions combined. Instead of the board contributing the current $2000 towards the $4000 deductible, the district will up it to $3000. Only after the $4000 is met, the copay on prescriptions would be reestablished at $10/25/40. For Single Plan users, the district will contribute $1500 towards the $2000 deductible.

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