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Wisconsin's Lieutenant Governor in Madrid for UN's Summit on Climate
Tuesday, December 3rd, 2019 -- 10:50 am
Posted by Riley Hebert-News Director

(WRN) -Wisconsin's lieutenant governor is in Madrid this week to take part in a UN summit on climate change.

Lieutenant Governor Mandela Barnes is part of a delegation that's taking part in UN climate talks this week in Madrid. Barnes says that Wisconsin's base industries of forestry, agriculture and manufacturing can all see benefits by working to prevent climate change.

"If we look at the opportunities surrounding them at reducing carbon emissions while at the same time stimulating our economy, I think we're in an incredible position."

Barnes says that research at Wisconsin's universities and technical colleges can further efforts to combat climate change.

"I get excited about the fact that we have an opportunity to be a national, if not global leader in combating the impact of climate change."

Barnes says Wisconsin is already keenly feeling the effects of climate change.

"The never ending rainy season that we've had this year. The polar vortices over the years. These are naturally occurring phenomenon, it happens every now and then but the rate that it's been taking place here is very unusual."

He says that Wisconsin is already well positioned to make changes to prevent carbon emissions, and needs to do so to help prevent further weather changes like the new normal of spring and summer flooding.

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