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NGL Summer Slam Results
Monday, July 23rd, 2018 -- 10:33 am
Posted by Larry Hoeser, Sports Director

The NGL Summer Slam youth Folkstyle wrestling tournament was held this past Saturday at the Fieldhouse in Neillsville. 120 youth wrestlers competed in 6 different age divisions which were split up into different weight classes. 1st place received a medal and t-shirt while 2nd - 4th place received medals. There were also team trophies given to the top three teams.

The Revolution team won the first place team trophy while NGL won the second place team trophy beating out Marshfield in a tie-breaker 10 pins to 9.

Individual results from our area:

Pre-K-K grade - 41-46
1st Place - Axl Kind of NGL
2nd Place - Jett Hemp of NGL
3rd Place - Ryan Ystad of NGL

Pre-K-K grade - 49-57
4th Place - Landon Kleine of Marshfield Youth Wrestling

1st-2nd grade - 40-46
2nd Place - Aiden Ruzic of NGL

1st-2nd grade - 55-58
1st Place - Riddick Meyer of Spencer-Columbus
4th Place - Tyler Ystad of NGL

1st-2nd grade - 59-62
2nd Place - Dax Steinbach of Thorp Youth Wrestling
4th Place - Hunter Von Ruden of NGL

1st-2nd grade - 58-66
3rd Place - Bryce Ott of Marshfield Youth Wrestling

1st-2nd grade - 64-66
2nd Place - Pearson Fausett of NGL

1st-2nd grade - 69-73
4th Place - Rayden Kramas of Marshfield Youth Wrestling

3rd-4th grade - 59-67
1st Place - Rydge Tibbett of NGL
2nd Place - Jonathon Sternweis of Marshfield Youth Wrestling
3rd Place - Michael Harris of NGL

3rd-4th grade - 60-62
3rd Place - Landin Slemec of NGL

3rd-4th grade - 75-80
3rd Place - Kashton Kilty of Marshfield Youth Wrestling

3rd-4th grade - 87-98
2nd Place - Kaiden Hartung of NGL

5th-6th grade - 78-85
1st Place - Colton Weiler of Auburndale Youth Wrestling
2nd Place - Jake Luchterhand of NGL
4th Place - Dale Sayles of Stanley-Boyd

5th-6th grade - 101-125
4th Place - Zak Kind of NGL

7th-8th grade - 110-116
1st Place - Derek Zschernitz of NGL

7th-8th grade - 118-127
1st Place - Jayme Zvolena of NGL

7th-8th grade - 135-145
3rd Place - Carter Schoengarth of NGL
4th Place - Dane Luchterhand of NGL

7th-8th grade - 130-136
2nd Place - Ross Zvolena of NGL

7th-8th grade - 160-165
1st Place - Gunner Hoffmann of Crass Trained Weigh IN Club
2nd Place - Daniel Polzin of NGL

7th-8th grade - 213-220
1st Place - Carter Grewe of Abby Colby

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