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Thorp's Water Troubles Continue
Thursday, February 27th, 2014 -- 9:37 am
Posted by Riley Hebert-News Director

-The City of Thorpís water situation has, unfortunately, taken a turn for the worse.

Thorpís Public Works Department was working to pinpoint the last known break on Tuesday afternoon to repair it, but it was proving difficult because the rate of water loss was extremely minor. Their water tower was filling Tuesday night, so the city was hoping that everything was returning to normal.

However, by 11am Wednesday morning, the water level in the tower began to drop quickly once again. The city ran their wells to full capacity in hopes of raising the level in the tower, but it appears there is a significant break thatís draining right into the sewer system.

The crews were unable to locate the break because, despite Thorpís plea to their residents to minimize the use of water, they believe normal daily consumer usage is occurring, making the inspection of sanitary sewers ineffective in isolating a possible leak. Crews worked overnight when usage is down to try and find the break.

Because the water system is back under pressure, Thorp has been able to begin increasing chlorination levels and commence the system-wide sanitation. Customers may notice a slight odor of chlorine in the water over the next several days. Customers should still use bottled water or boil water for consumption, cooking, etc. Thorp expects that requirement may be in place through the weekend and into Monday until they get the required safe water samples.

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