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Wrestling Wrap Up
Sunday, February 16th, 2014 -- 10:16 am
Posted by Larry Hoeser, Sports Director

Wrestling Wrap Up from Saturday:

N/G/L Wrestlers Advancing:
Mike Chadwick with 1st in 138
Jake Rueth with 1st in 170
Skylar Barth with 2nd in 106
Nick Rueth with 2nd in 220

Team Scores:
Neillsville Meet
1. Stanley-Boyd/Owen-Withee/Thorp. 211.0
2. Neillsville/Greenwood/Loyal 204.5
4. Black River Falls 130.0
6. Abbotsford/Colby 85.0
7. Medford Area 84.0

Tomah Meet
7. Osseo-Fairchild/Altoona/Augusta/Fall Creek 85.0

Stevens Point Meet:
5. Marshfield 145.5

Edgar Meet:
1. Stratford 284.0
3. Athens 127.0
4. Spencer 126.0
5. Auburndale 119.0
6. Pittsville 80.0

Tournament Results:
106 Results
2rd Place - Skylar Barth of Neillsville/Greenwood/Loyal
4th Place - Jacob Sonnentag of Stanley-Boyd/Owen-Withee/Thorp.
5th Place - Brenda Alcantar of Abbotsford/Colby

113 Results
1st Place - Ryan Ponick of Stanley-Boyd/Owen-Withee/Thorp.
3rd Place - Josh Brooks of Medford Area
5th Place - Kanyun Rachu of Neillsville/Greenwood/Loyal

120 Results
1st Place - Brett Benson of Stanley-Boyd/Owen-Withee/Thorp.
3rd Place - Kyle Gurney of Neillsville/Greenwood/Loyal

126 Results
1st Place - Sage Soppa of Abbotsford/Colby
2nd Place - Anthony Borowski of Stanley-Boyd/Owen-Withee/Thorp.
3rd Place - Derek Nielsen of Neillsville/Greenwood/Loyal
5th Place - Preston Carlson of Medford Area

132 Results
1st Place - Robert Csukker of Stanley-Boyd/Owen-Withee/Thorp.
2nd Place - Stetson Rueth of Neillsville/Greenwood/Loyal
4th Place - Austin Brown of Black River Falls
6th Place - Cody Rodman of Abbotsford/Colby

138 Results
1st Place - Mike Chadwick of Neillsville/Greenwood/Loyal
3rd Place - Kyle Peterson of Black River Falls
5th Place - Tommy Carlson of Abbotsford/Colby
6th Place - Eric Hoffstatter of Stanley-Boyd/Owen-Withee/Thorp.

145 Results
1st Place - Tucker Peterson of Medford Area
3rd Place - Morgan Malm of Neillsville/Greenwood/Loyal
4th Place - Matt McLinn of Black River Falls
6th Place - Brandon Nitz of Stanley-Boyd/Owen-Withee/Thorp.

152 Results
1st Place - Chance Ciolkosz of Stanley-Boyd/Owen-Withee/Thorp.
3rd Place - Nick Raifsnider of Black River Falls
4th Place - Ben Anding of Neillsville/Greenwood/Loyal
5th Place - Sam Sawdey of Medford Area

160 Results
1st Place - Ronny Ponick of Stanley-Boyd/Owen-Withee/Thorp.
3rd Place - Othayun Smith of Neillsville/Greenwood/Loyal
4th Place - David Stahl of Black River Falls
6th Place - Collin Stuttgen of Abbotsford/Colby

170 Results
1st Place - Jake Rueth of Neillsville/Greenwood/Loyal
2nd Place - Harry Lipke of Black River Falls
3rd Place - Jacob Stamos of Medford Area
5th Place - Jeremy Moffit of Stanley-Boyd/Owen-Withee/Thorp.

182 Results
1st Place - Cody Meyer of Abbotsford/Colby
3rd Place - Andrew Buchanan of Neillsville/Greenwood/Loyal
4th Place - Deontae Heuer of Stanley-Boyd/Owen-Withee/Thorp.
6th Place - Sam Rogstad of Black River Falls

195 Results
1st Place - Austin Burzynski of Stanley-Boyd/Owen-Withee/Thorp.
3rd Place - Luke Zegers of Medford Area
5th Place - Sam Baumgartner of Neillsville/Greenwood/Loyal

220 Results
1st Place - Dillan Bunde of Black River Falls
2nd Place - Nick Rueth of Neillsville/Greenwood/Loyal
3rd Place - Austin Pippin of Medford Area
4th Place - Quintin Melville of Stanley-Boyd/Owen-Withee/Thorp.

285 Results
2nd Place - Gary Garvin of Black River Falls
3rd Place - Sam Lobacz of Abbotsford/Colby
4th Place - Eric Bentler of Stanley-Boyd/Owen-Withee/Thorp.

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