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Stratford Wins Marawood Wrestling Title
Sunday, February 2nd, 2014 -- 9:53 am
Posted by Larry Hoeser, Sports Director

The Stratford wrestling team had 8 individual first place winners en route to a Marawood Conference tournament title at Marathon High School on Saturday.

Team Scores:

1. Stratford 253.5
2. Phillips 146.5
3. Edgar 129.0
4. Athens 128.0
5. Chequamegon 96.5
6. Auburndale 92.0
7. Pittsville 81.0
8. Marathon 61.0

Individual results:

106 Results
1st Place - Sam Wenzel of Stratford
2nd Place - Dylan Altmann of Auburndale
3rd Place - Brad Halmstad of Phillips

113 Results
1st Place - Anthony Glinecki of Stratford
2nd Place - Hunter Reed of Marathon
3rd Place - Jasper Bushman of Phillips
4th Place - Mathis Behr of Edgar

120 Results
1st Place - Phil Sersch of Stratford
2nd Place - Trevor Kottke of Athens
3rd Place - Scott Schooley of Pittsville
4th Place - Kodi Chase of Edgar
5th Place - Aaron Willfahrt of Auburndale
6th Place - Liam Clapero of Phillips

126 Results
1st Place - Alex Heiden of Stratford
2nd Place - Alex Lemanski of Edgar
3rd Place - Hunter Schienebeck of Chequamegon
4th Place - Max Hoogland of Phillips
5th Place - Devon Diethelm of Athens

132 Results
1st Place - Anthony Marten of Stratford
2nd Place - Nate Morse of Athens
3rd Place - Adam Sturgis of Pittsville
4th Place - Trent Curry of Chequamegon
5th Place - Sam Larson of Edgar

138 Results
1st Place - Paul Willfahrt of Auburndale
2nd Place - Austin Engel of Athens
3rd Place - George Wolfe of Phillips
4th Place - Jesse Dickman of Stratford
5th Place - Herman Santos of Chequamegon
6th Place - Martin Schwanebeck of Pittsville

145 Results
1st Place - Devin Lemanski of Edgar
2nd Place - Isaac Weik of Chequamegon
3rd Place - Josh Langteau of Athens
4th Place - Ronnie Dryman of Stratford
5th Place - Dylan Grossbier of Pittsville
6th Place - Alex Briske of Phillips

152 Results
1st Place - Wyatt Weiler of Auburndale
2nd Place - Taylor Krall of Stratford
3rd Place - Nick Pinzl of Chequamegon
4th Place - Tannor Frahm of Athens
5th Place - Tyler Grigsby of Phillips
6th Place - Justin Stieber of Marathon

160 Results
1st Place - Connor Handrick of Edgar
2nd Place - Kyle Giebel of Stratford
3rd Place - Tristan Kurth of Phillips
4th Place - Joseph Sedivy of Marathon
5th Place - Parker Zeman of Chequamegon
6th Place - Jordan Grabowski of Athens

170 Results
1st Place - Kellen Bornbach of Stratford
2nd Place - Tucker Roesler of Athens
3rd Place - Hunter Anderson of Phillips
4th Place - Todd Parker of Pittsville
5th Place - Nathaniel David of Chequamegon
6th Place - Jon Hagenbucher of Marathon

182 Results
1st Place - Kamren Bornbach of Stratford
2nd Place - Wylie Frahm of Edgar
3rd Place - Kurt Jankowski of Auburndale
4th Place - Josh Graham of Athens
5th Place - George Borchert of Phillips

195 Results
1st Place - Wesley Dittman of Edgar
2nd Place - Marty Peterson of Phillips
3rd Place - Ethan Fabry of Stratford
4th Place - Kyle Anderson of Pittsville

220 Results
1st Place - Hunter Kauffman of Stratford
2nd Place - Dakota Leach of Chequamegon
3rd Place - Joe Charlton of Phillips

285 Results
1st Place - James Lassa of Pittsville
2nd Place - Kaleb Bolder of Auburndale
3rd Place - Jacob Mohr of Marathon
4th Place - Bryce Murray of Stratford
5th Place - Brycen Valiga of Phillips

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