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Memorial Medical Center Awarded Best Hospital in Patient Experience in Emergency Care by 2014 Women's Choice Award
Friday, December 6th, 2013 -- 9:30 am
Posted by Riley Hebert-News Director

-Memorial Medical Center of Neillsville was awarded as one of the Best Hospitals in Patient Experience in Emergency Care by the 2014 Women’s Choice Award.

I spoke with David Baltzer, Interim CEO of MMC, and Jodi Johnson, Vice President of Patient Care Services at MMC, about the award.

Both Mr. Baltzer and Miss Johnson said that they are still learning about the award itself as they were chosen for this national award, out of the blue, without any solicitation by MMC. However, Miss Johnson did do some research into the Women’s Choice Award.

Miss Johnson said, "The survey is sent out to female customers that seek out healthcare. It's a women certified group that is a leading consumer advocate for women. They do an analysis by data that the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid have and then, by that data and by the survey by women, is how they conclude who the top consumer, picked by females, is the best place to seek healthcare. MMC's Emergency Department was chosen."

Mr. Baltzer said that everyone at MMC is very excited about this award.

Mr. Baltzer said, "We're humbled by the fact that this is an unsolicited award based on nationally calculated data provided to the United States Government without our solicitation, so this came as a surprise and it's a wonderful, pleasant surprise. And the facility and staff are very excited and honored."

MMC will be recognized for the award in an issue of USA Today being printed on January 31st. Stay tuned for more this weekend and into next week.

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