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City of Neillsville Has 2014 Budget
Tuesday, October 29th, 2013 -- 8:20 am
Posted by Riley Hebert-News Director

-After two weeks of Finance Committee Meetings, the City of Neillsville has a budget prepared for 2014.

The total for the Expenditures and Contingency for the city came to $3,217,237. For Revenues, not including revenue from property taxes, the total came to $1,869,916. When the general funds, totaling $299,423, are applied to that, you get a total of $2,169,339.

Taking a look at property taxes, when you take the levy for municipality which is $1,042,108 and add the $56,468 of tax increment districts you get total property taxes at $1,098,576. That gives you total revenue of $2,968,492.

To get the Net City Levy, you take the Proposed City Levy of $1,047,898 minus the Computer Sate aid of $5,790 which gives you a Net City Levy of $1,042,108 before the Tax Increment Districts. When you add the TIDís amount of $56,468 into the Net City Levy that gives you a final Net City Levy of $1,098,576.

A few other items mentioned during the meeting on Thursday, a council member mentioned a new surgeon coming to Memorial Medical Center, the mayor mentioned a meeting MMC held on Tuesday of last week, the mayor also read a thank you note from the individuals that hold the horse sale and a representative from Bauernfeind Business Technologies was on hand to discuss the new and completed network at city hall.

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