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Marshfield Fire and Rescue Puts Fifth Ambulance Into Service
Wednesday, October 9th, 2019 -- 9:49 am
Posted by Riley Hebert-News Director

(Hub City Times) -Early this month, Marshfield Fire and Rescue Department increased their number of Advanced Life Support equipped ambulances from four to five, as they put No. 95 into service.

“In past years, when we designed and ordered a new ambulance, we would typically trade in our oldest unit to maintain a fleet of four ambulances,” Deputy Chief of EMS Steve Bakos said in a release. “With the low value of trade in, and the increase in call volume from 911, intercepts, interfacility transports, and neonatal transports, we decided to keep the oldest ambulance in service for three more years. This is the second Braun Ambulance we will have in service and to date, the first one has done very well for us. Along with two Braun ambulances, we also have an AEV, a Marque, and a Medtec ambulance.

“In addition to the larger weight carrying capacity the F550 gives us, it also is the first four-wheel drive ambulance for our department. Another unique feature to this ambulance is the liquid spring it has for the rear suspension. This advanced suspension system gives this truck much better ride for our patients.”

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