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Neillsville City Council Discusses Request from Marshfield Clinic Health System Regarding Sewer Extension
Thursday, July 11th, 2019 -- 12:48 pm
Posted by Riley Hebert-News Director

-The Neillsville City Council discussed a request from Marshfield Clinic Health System to have a sewer extension serve the new hospital from the City of Neillsville.

The item was first discussed during the Public Works Portion of the meeting, but no action was taken on the item and, like many items on the city council agenda these days, this discussion was not without controversy. The city had already approved the sewer extension for the hospital, but that was before when MMC was building the new facility themselves and they would have owned and maintained the extension. But, an agreement was never signed and, since then, they have become involved with Marshfield Clinic Health System. The state would like the city to own and maintain the extension now as they don’t want the line on their right of way. The city attorney said if the city were to approve it, they would have to rescind a resolution passed in 1987 that would limit sewer hook-ups to property owners with the city limits. There was also discussion on a lift station, but the mayor mentioned that the hospital would maintain the entire system.

The council was the presented with two option for the extension. Option A has the sewer line coming out of the east side of the building with an easement crossing the western portion of the Brunette property, then along US HWY 10. Option B has the sewer line coming out of the west side of the building down River Avenue then along US HWY 10. The Director of Public Works stated Option B would be the best for the city as Option A would limit them. Even though no action was taken on the item and not brought forward during the Common Council meeting, two residents spoke during the Appearances portion of the meeting, one expressing support and the other skeptical of the proposal.

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