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Puppies Found in Marshfield Garbage Can Doing Well, But Not Ready for Adoption Yet
Thursday, March 14th, 2019 -- 9:18 am
Posted by Riley Hebert-News Director

-Puppies found discarded in a Marshfield Dumpster on February 28 are safe in a Marshfield Area Pet Shelter foster home.

The mother is temporarily with her puppies. “All the puppies are healthy and growing. They will be adoptable in two months and will need wonderful homes at that time,” said Kaitlin Loberg, shelter manager. At this time, MAPS is not accepting adoption applications for the puppies. Those interested in adopting are encouraged to like and follow MAPS’ Facebook page for updates. Adoption details will be available after April 11. The puppies were discovered by salesman Mark Theobald, who was visiting a home on E. 4th Street in Marshfield when he heard crying. “I thought they were cats,” he said. “I thought between the cold wind and snow, I’d check on them.” He opened the trash can and looked inside. One of the bags was moving. His employer called Marshfield Ordinance, who came and rescued the puppies from the garbage bag they’d been abandoned in and turned their care over to MAPS.

“We are thankful the puppies were found when they were thanks to the quick actions of the person who discovered them and the police department,” said Karen Rau, volunteer MAPS Director. “I’m just glad that someone has the resources to care for them to take care of them correctly,” said Mark. “I don’t get why somebody would do that, but I’m glad I found them.” Puppy chow and cash donations are needed for the care of the puppies. More information can be found at Follow MAPS on Facebook for updates on the puppies.

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