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Marshfield Aldermen Will Wait on Proposed TIF District
Thursday, March 14th, 2019 -- 9:13 am
Posted by Riley Hebert-News Director

(WDLB) -Marshfield aldermen will wait for a specific plan for the site of the former K-C Hall before reconsidering a tax incremental financing district for the property.

With Pete Hendler absent, the Marshfield Common Council voted 5-to-4 last night in favor of holding off on the creation of the T-I-F until the city knows if a proposed hotel developer is going ahead with his plans for a Hampton Inn and Suites on the property. Realtor Rita Blenker told the Council her client, David Wogernese of Prairie Lodging, is willing to move ahead with the hotel development, even without incentives from the city. But she said he wants the T-I-F district so neighboring residents don't get stuck footing the bill for the street improvements that go hand-in-hand with his project.

Blenker said the 750-thousand dollar price tag on the site will probably be lowered, to maybe 600-thousand. And she said he's willing to forgo a developer incentive. That was enough to turn Alderman Tom Buttke against the proposed T-I-F. The proposed taxing district would provide a funding mechanism for helping the developer create a hotel, while also improving the adjacent streets. If the T-I-F district is not established, Development Services Director Josh Miller said those new streets would come with special assessments for adjacent property owners--something the developer wants waived.

The K-C Hall site is in Alderman Mike Feirer's district, and he says the hotel and its 86 rooms are badly needed. Feirer joined Aldermen Chris Jockheck, Nick Poeschel and Tom Witzel in voting against the postponement. If the Hampton Inn deals falls through, Blenker told the Council she's got two other chains interested.

The original T-I-F district proposal called for the city to assist financially in getting the site ready for the new hotel. Under the plan, the city would spend up to two-point-four million dollars for street improvements, developer incentives and financing costs.

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