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USDA's Crop Production Summary
Monday, February 11th, 2019 -- 8:00 am
Posted by Riley Hebert-News Director

(Wisconsin Ag Connection) -As expected, Wisconsin soybean growers broke new records in 2018 for the number of acres planted and harvested--though production and yields did not exceed all-time levels recorded back in 2016.

The USDA's Crop Production Summary report on Friday showed that 106 million bushels of soybean were harvested in the Badger State. That was down 1.47 million bushels from the November 1 forecast, but four percent more than the 2017 harvest. Growers averaged 49 bushels per acre, which was 1.5 bushels more than the previous year's yield. The agency says soybeans were planted on a record 2.20 million acres of farmland, and harvested on 2.16 million. Corn for grain production in Wisconsin is estimated at 545 million bushels, up three percent from the November summary, and seven percent higher than the previous year. Corn for silage production was 13.4 million tons, down 20 percent from 2017. The silage yield estimate of 20.0 tons per acre is 1.0 ton higher for the year.

All hay production was about 2.95 million tons, down 16 percent from 3.52 million tons last season. Producers averaged 2.17 tons per acre, down from 2.77 tons per acre harvested last year. Alfalfa and alfalfa mixtures production is estimated at 1.93 million tons, down 29 percent from 2.73 million tons the season prior. Growers averaged 2.35 tons per acre, down from 3.00 tons per acre in 2017. And potato production for 2018 is estimated at 28.4 million per hundredweight, down five percent for the year. Yield is estimated at 400 cwt per acre, down 25 cwt per acre from last year.

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