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Marshfield School District May Extend Retirement Benefits to Newest Teachers
Thursday, January 10th, 2019 -- 9:03 am
Posted by Riley Hebert-News Director

(WDLB) -The Marshfield School District might be extending retirement benefits to its newest teachers, after approving a revised plan for its more experienced instructors last month.

The Board of Education last month voted in favor of a revised version of the district's retirement benefit plan, which covers only those teachers hired before July 1st of 2012. The plan spells out how much in retirement benefits certain teachers are going to get, based on their years of service. Now, Board member Amber Kiggens-Leifheit said last night her Employee Relations Committee is looking at a new plan for those instructors hired since 2012.

The new plan would cover teachers hired since Governor Walker's Act 10 legislation that affected primarily collective bargaining, retirement, health insurance and sick leave of public-sector employees. Leifheit also told her colleagues on the Board last night the Committee is revisiting the amount the district pays its substitute teachers.

Leifheit said the district--like many--has a hard time attracting subs. Her Committee did get some information from other districts and what they pay their subs, ranging primarily from 95-to120-dollars a day. Also last night, the School Board signed off on the designation of spaces which will be available for open enrollment going into the next school year this fall. Preliminary figures indicate the district would have 793 spaces available in 4K-12 classrooms, with another 44 spaces available for programs such as special education and early childhood education.

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