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Marshfield's Overall Public School Enrollment is Up
Thursday, October 11th, 2018 -- 8:07 am
Posted by Riley Hebert-News Director

(WDLB) -Marshfield's overall public school enrollment is up, thanks to open enrollment.

During last night's monthly Board of Education meeting, member Dale Yakaites said more students came than went as classes started last month.

"As of right now, we have 303 students who are enrolling in under open enrollment. And 124 out. That's a difference of 179 students. And not only is that something we are proud of as a district, because we think we offer great things for kids here in Marshfield, but, realistically, it's also a financial success for the district as well because there is money that the district gets based upon on that open enrollment transfer. I think it's about $5,000 per students, so that's always a positive."

In most years dating back to 2009, Yakaites said more students are coming in to the district than are opting out. Yakaites also reported that all of the money needed for the district's athletic facilities updates has either been donated or pledged.

"The campaign remains on track and we continue to solicit donations to raise remaining funds. The transfer lot, the bus lot for the transfer of students before school, is up and running. Work continues on the student lot. The plan will be to flip the lots in November. The baseball, softball and athletic facility are also on track."

People may have noticed the preliminary work being done adjacent to Marshfield High School on the new football and track stadium. Work will start soon on the new baseball field just west of the high school, and a new softball field on the Madison Elementary campus. The Rettler Corporation of Stevens Point has designed more than 11-million dollars’ worth of athletic facility improvements over the next several years.

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