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Granton Village Board Approves New Trustee
Friday, September 14th, 2018 -- 8:57 am
Posted by Riley Hebert-News Director

-The Granton Village Board approved a new Trustee at their meeting on Wednesday.

According to the unofficial minutes from the meeting, the clerk read a letter from Mark Ramberg resigning as of Sept 12th from his Trustee position, as he has moved out of the area. The board approved Jason Strey as the replacement trustee until the next election. The board is also continuing to work on purchasing land at 516 Main Street. They have been working with the real estate agent who has advised that the foreclosure bank will not amend the addendum that the village lawyer has advised them not to sign. Several e-mails have been sent directly to the foreclosure company and have gone unanswered. Requests to the real estate agent to forward the e-mails have also gone unanswered. The village will contact another agent and research other options for property clean up.

Also, in regards to their old police equipment, the board received an offer from the Owen Police Department to purchase the police computer, printer, and docking station for $3,000. The computer, printer and docking station was purchased new just over a year ago for $7,025. The board approved the motion and they will let Owen know they also have a Taser and body cam for sale.

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