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Neilllsville City Council Approves Assessment for Curb and Gutter
Thursday, September 13th, 2018 -- 10:16 am
Posted by Riley Hebert-News Director

-The Neillsville City Council approved resolutions appropriating assessments to properties on east 6th Street and Prospect Street at their meeting on Tuesday.

The city replaced curb and gutter on all property fronting the north and south sides of east 6th Street, commencing on the east edge of Center Street and running east 330 feet to Willow Street. They also replaced curb and gutter on all property fronting the east and west sides of Prospect Street, commencing on the north end by 18th Street and running south approximately 500 feet to 15th Street. As the city sees these as improvements benefitting the properties, assessments are then made to the property owners. Letters were sent to the property owners asking if they wanted a public hearing to contest the assessments or if they’ll waive the hearing and agree to them. A resident on 6th Street didn’t sign the waiver because she felt that the city had decreased the value of her property by taking away parking space.

A public hearing was held at Tuesday’s City Council Meeting to give residents a chance to speak about the curb and gutter on 6th Street. However, no one spoke and a letter from the resident that didn’t sign the waiver was read. In the end, the council approved the assessments on both 6th Street and Prospect Street for 5 years at 6% with an increase to 18% if the payment is late.

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