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Governor Walker Talks Wisconsin Dairy Task Force 2.0 at Wisconsin Farm Technology Days
Thursday, July 12th, 2018 -- 9:00 am
Posted by Riley Hebert-News Director

(Wisconsin Ag Connection) -Gov. Scott Walker made a stop at the state's largest agricultural event to announce the names of his newly-created Wisconsin Dairy Task Force 2.0.

On Wednesday, the governor encouraged attendees of Wisconsin Farm Technology Days near Marshfield to continue pushing ahead, despite the suppressed farm economy. He also unveiled the list of stakeholders that will make recommendations on actions needed to maintain a viable and profitable dairy industry. "The members of Wisconsin Dairy Task Force 2.0 reflect the breadth and depth of the Wisconsin dairy industry," Walker said. "From dairy farmers to milk processors to allied organizations, the Task Force stands ready to discuss and recommend actions that will ensure our state's proud dairy heritage remains strong moving forward."

Last month, the governor asked State Agriculture Secretary Sheila Harsdorf and UW System President Ray Cross to appoint members of the task force. It's called 2.0 because a similar group was assembled back in 1985. Some local member of the task force include Ryan Klussendorf of Broadland Grass Farm in Medford, Amy Penterman of Dutch Dairy in Thorp and Dennis Bangart of AgCountry Farm Credit Services in Marshfield. Dr. Mark Stephenson, Director of Dairy Policy Analysis at UW-Madison, will chair the task force. The group's first meeting has been scheduled in August.

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