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Neillsville City Council Hears First Impressions Report
Wednesday, March 14th, 2018 -- 9:48 am
Posted by Riley Hebert-News Director

-The Neillsville City Council only had a presentation on their agenda for their Tuesday meeting, but it proved to be an interesting, entertaining and eye opening one.

The presentation included a report on a “First Impressions” that was done between the City of Neillsville and City of Fennimore. Back in July, several community members from Neillsville went to the City of Fennimore, which is roughly the same size of Neillsville, and did a “First Impressions” of their community. Melissa Kono, the CNRED Agent for Clark County, put a report together offering their thoughts and opinions about the community. In return, community members from Fennimore came to Neillsville to do a First Impressions of the community. The response was mostly positive, with just a few issues brought up in regards to improvement. They felt there was adequate signage around the city and they loved the various banners, flower/plants and kiosks. They also said the town was clean, the people were friendly and helpful and there was a very quaint and inviting atmosphere. It was also stated that they loved the city’s website and appreciated how helpful it is. Some other places that visitors enjoyed included the Gazebo. They also thought the industrial park was very impressive, they loved the parks and Clark County Fairgrounds and thought the Wisconsin Pavilion and Chatty Belle were very cool.

They were also very impressed with The Highground, but believe there should be more of a connection with the City of Neillsville and The Highground. They did say that the entire town could use a fresh coat of paint and they felt some areas of town felt “unfinished.” They got the impression that certain projects were started, but then people just walked away from them. It was also stated that visitors had a hard time finding the Neillsville Chamber of Commerce Office and when they went there, nobody was there. They said the Chamber website wasn’t very good, but they loved the Chamber’s Facebook page, especially their business highlights.

Members of the Neillsville Improvement Corporation offered their thoughts on some low hanging fruit that could be addressed to help the community. They did state that some resources and mechanisms were in place to rectify some of the issues. But, they felt some other improvements included standardized signs and maintenance to those signs, connect The Highground more with the down town and, in return, The Highground could mention events happening in Neillsville. They are also looking at ways to help businesses and organizations help with the upkeep of their buildings to help the overall look of the entire community.

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