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Loyal Residents Concerned About Possible Wind Turbine Farm
Tuesday, February 13th, 2018 -- 8:00 am
Posted by Riley Hebert-News Director

-Residents of Loyal were given a chance to ask questions about a potential wind turbine farm coming to the area.

Representatives from EDP Renewables North America, as well as an engineer, appeared before residents to let them know more about the farms and the potential risks that can come about by agreeing to host a wind turbine. For the past several months, landowners in the Towns of Loyal, Sherman and York have received letters asking residents to sign leases that could bind their land for 30 years. EDP looks to build 25-33, 600 foot wind turbines that would generate 3.5 to 4 megawatts of power. They’re looking at around 10,000 acres of land, which would amount to a, roughly, 3X5 mile patch. The company would then sell the power to a utility company. The land owner would be paid by EDP to host the turbine and neighbors within a ½ mile of the turbine could also be compensated under a neighbor’s agreement. EDP felt Clark County was a good spot for the farm due to the potential wind generation, interest from community members and proximity to utility outlets.

The engineer present stated some concerns that could occur including complicated contracts, long term constraints, property impacts, audible noise, visual disturbances, safety and health and others. Many farmers present were concerned about stray voltage and any possible side effects on animals and the type of land wanted. EDP said they would work with landowners and neighbors to correct any problem they may run into. Town representatives present said they would be creating an ordinance to protect the town and landowners from any possible negative side effects.

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