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Owen City Council Approves Final Payout for Lift Station
Thursday, December 7th, 2017 -- 10:08 am
Posted by Riley Hebert-News Director

-The Owen City Council approved the final payout for their lift station at their meeting last week.

The council approved the final $46,771.62 payout to Haas Sons, Inc for the completion of the 4th St Project. The council also approved allowing the rail crossing on Industrial to be relocated 75’ to the north to fit the Heartland Rail plan and follow the protocol set forth by the Office of the Commissioner of Railroad. The council also approved a slight change to the name of one of their streets. After discussion, it was decided Oak Street will remain the same past the Truman residence and then it will switch to Industrial. A sign will be put up to reflect that. Also, the council approved the changes made on the rough draft for the Police Services Survey to be sent out with the tax bills and water bills and they approved the motion to request the Police Discipline Committee to meet at the first possible date to hear any and all complaints against the Police Department.

Finally, the council heard the CDC’s report. Tim Swiggum reported on the Heartland project that the TEA Grant was approved for $122,500 and the Rail Design is being amended to avoid wetlands. It may be spring before construction of the rail spur begins. Many permits are needed to be approved. The United Communities meeting was held at the Woodland, the chamber is doing a Spin 360 advertising for the community and Shear Inspirations held a Ribbon cutting/open house on December 1st.

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