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Granton Village Board Discusses Park Finances
Tuesday, November 14th, 2017 -- 10:11 am
Posted by Riley Hebert-News Director

-The Granton Village Board discussed park finances at their meeting last week.

According to the unofficial minutes from the meeting, Granton Park and Rec advised they do not have the $9000 to pay the village bill, but it was advised they could pay $6000. League participation is down. There were only 4 teams for the Sunday league, 4 teams on the Monday league, 2 Pee Wee teams, 2 Little League teams and 8 park picnic teams. The high school only had 4 games. The declining participation has cut into profits. Fall Fest had 16 teams and that is their biggest fund raiser. The following repairs were noted: the Bubbler needs repair, the urinal doesn’t work, doors in the concession stand need to be replaced, and electricity under the pavilions needs to be redone so circuit breakers don’t blow when more than two things are plugged in.

During the open forum, it was suggested the village sell business signs at the ball park for addition revenue. It was also suggested they send a letter to the Listeman Foundation and request money for the park or a new scoreboard. Finally, the board heard the Clerk/Treasurer Report. The beginning balance in checking was $74,485.45 and ending balance is $78,858.75. The beginning balance in the money market account was $372,573.37 and the ending balance is $372,794.97.

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