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Reports at Granton Village Board Meeting
Friday, May 19th, 2017 -- 9:08 am
Posted by Riley Hebert-News Director

-The Granton Village Board heard several reports at their meeting last week.

According to the unofficial minutes from the meeting, the board heard the Waste Water Report. It was reported that there was a sewer back up and, upon investigation, it was determined to be caused by tree roots. The village discharged the entire month of April, discharging 280,000 gallons per day. Water was turned on at the park and the ball park outfield was severely damaged last fall due to the Fall Fest Tournaments and the rain. The outfield was rolled and this helped take care of some of the ruts. A new culvet was installed in a driveway and an employee took a certification test as well. The board also reviewed the Constable Report outlining the month’s activities as well as a report outlining the tickets collected this quarter.

The city clerk reported the 2016 audit is complete. The draft needs to be reviewed and approved before the final report can be filed and the clerk will begin review next week. Finally, the board heard the Treasurer’s Report. The April 1st beginning balance in checking was $51,672.24 and the ending balance April 30th was $66,691.13. The April 1st beginning balance in the money market account was $441,505.72 and the ending balance on April 30th was $441,744.02. The expense summary for April was presented and reviewed.

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