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Memorial Medical Center's CEO Answers FAQs, Part 4
Thursday, April 20th, 2017 -- 10:12 am
Posted by Riley Hebert-News Director

-Why do we need a new hospital when population is declining? I don’t want my taxes going up because of a new hospital? I thought you were broke? …are just a few common voice mails that Memorial Medical Center’s CEO, Ryan Neville, receives on a regular basis.

Since becoming the CEO in 2014, Ryan and the Board of Directors launched a 5 year strategic plan to provide high quality healthcare locally and MMC will best reach this goal with a new facility. Another question Ryan is frequently asked why are we building outside on River Ave? MMC identified six potential sites for the new medical center. Rankings were completed using eleven criterions-and River Ave was among the top 2 sites.

In February, MMC’s civil engineer met with the city and we identified the potential of expanding city sewer under the river, however MMC would need to cover the cost. River Ave provides space to expand into a medical campus, has visibility/access to route 10 and even with investments of necessary permits this site is within our budget.

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