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Clark County Tourism Commitee Hears about County Sales Tax
Friday, February 17th, 2017 -- 9:04 am
Posted by Riley Hebert-News Director

-The Clark County Tourism Committee heard a presentation about the county sales tax at their meeting on Wednesday.

Since the enacting of Clark County’s sales tax, the county has seen an increase every year on the amount of money brought in. However, in 2016, they saw a decrease for the first time and there were several months that had substantial decreases in the amount of money brought in compared to 2015. This concerned the Tourism Committee as they are doing more events to draw people in to the county which would affect the sales tax. Melissa Kono, the Clark County CNRED Agent, explained to them that the numbers they look at from month to month include the sales tax on all items and not just money generated by tourism.

She then used information from the county and Department of Revenue to show that, even though there were some months that had a lower amount collected from the sales tax, money generated from tourism actually stayed the same or increased. She also said that Clark County is right in line with nearby Trempealeau County, which is similar geographically to Clark. She also stated that the pull factor, or the items that draws people in, was a .65 which is slightly negative as the optimum amount to reach is 1 or above. She also stated that Clark County ranks 56th in the state in regards to tourism impact and that spending increased 3%.

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