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Neillsville School Board Talks Curriculum
Monday, February 24th, 2014 -- 8:07 am
Posted by Riley Hebert-News Director

-The Neillsville School Board approved a curriculum update and discussed adding outside curriculum in the district.

The first minor update approved was the changing of the class called “20th Century Literature” to “Modern American Literature” as we are well into the 21st Century. District Administrator John Gaier joked that the name change will also keep the board from having to change it again in another 100 years.

The other item discussed was an item brought to the district administrators by a board member of the Clark Electric Cooperative. The cooperative would like to pay for a licensed substitute for the 5th grade class, on a day when the teacher is gone, and teach the kids about cooperatives in Wisconsin.

The board member showed the administrators two days of material they would use, which they have already collected, and teach that to the students. Mr. Gaier did say that the material does have reading, writing and activities for the students to do.

However, there was a lot of concern by the board regarding outside groups coming in and trying to teach the students something outside the curriculum. They worried that if they allowed one group to do it, it would open a door and others would try to as well. They also said that any curriculum brought in must be tied to the current standards.

In the end, the board tabled the issue for further discussion with no action taken.

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