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Memorial Medical Center Grateful for Support During Water Crisis
Friday, February 21st, 2014 -- 8:31 am
Posted by Riley Hebert-News Director

(Memorial Medical Center Press Release) -This last week’s water shortage had left the Neillsville community reeling as one of our most basic and coveted resources, water, was restricted in use due to the water main breaks in the city, and then this issue further intensified with water quality issues.

Memorial Medical Center was able to continue to provide services to their patients for the past week even in this time of trial and tribulation. MMC is grateful that they were able to continue to provide the healthcare services through the entire shortage. The reality is that they could have never done it, if it had not been for the support, generosity and teamwork of the entire community.

MMC would like to specifically offer its thanks to Lynn Dairy and Grassland Dairy for trucks of clean water they provided with 24/7 support that continued to replenish their boilers, so they could maintain heat, RS Plumbing for providing services to pump the water from the truck to their main water supply, Gordy’s and IGA for immediately reserving water when the shortage was announced, MMC Staff for going above and beyond to provide support as needed to continue serving their patients, Neillsville Utilities for prioritizing MMC’s needs and maintaining communication, Shopko and Shopko Foundation for both their water bottle donation and financial support to keep up that supply, media sources for helping to keep the public updated and last, but certainly not least, the City for their strong support, communication, and leadership as they guided the City of Neillsville to get this situation resolved as quickly as possible.

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