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WASB Convention and Policies Discussed at Owen-Withee School Board Meeting
Tuesday, January 21st, 2014 -- 8:21 am
Posted by Riley Hebert-News Director

-The WASB Convention and policies were discussed at the Owen-Withee School Board Meeting.

Board members Rick Eloranta and Julie Wendler will represent the District at the WASB convention in Milwaukee January 21st-24th.

The 500 series of policies, which deals with Employees, went through its first reading at this meeting. The policies are online as part of the Districtís Online Policy Manual. The second reading will be at the February meeting, when they will become District policy.

In an effort to make the Board aware of the evaluation processes district employees go through, District Administrator Bob Houts has been showing the Board the evaluation instruments and talking about the processes. At the Monday meeting last week, Mr. Houts talked about the support staff evaluation document, what it looked like, who goes through this process and when the process is done.

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