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Greg Herrick
Name: Greg Herrick

Age: 50

Current/Past Occupations: Current: Patrol Deputy, Clark County Sheriff's Department; Beef Farmer/Grain Producer
Past: Reserve Officer, Clark County Sheriff's Department; Reserve Officer Coordinator, Clark County Sheriff's Department; Supervisor, Heating/Air Conditioning Cenex Supply

Schooling/Special Training:
Member of the Wisconsin Sheriff's and Deputy Sheriff's Association; Basic Recruit; Certified Jailer; Certified Crisis Negotiator; Domestic Abuse; Homicide Investigation; Firearms; Crime Scene Management and Reconstruction; Interviewing Strategies Through Statement Analysis.

I am a life-long resident of Clark County, living in the Township of Hendren where I own and operate a 290 acre beef farm. I am married to my wife of 29 years. Together, we have two adult children, Charlene and Roberta.

Q: Why do you feel you're qualified to be Clark County Sheriff?
I am qualified to be Clark County Sheriff due to my long career with the Sheriff's Department, knowledge of the County, and life-long Clark County resident. I joined the Sheriff's Department in 1979 as a reserve officer and in 1986 I became a full-time Deputy for the department. I have been involved in all aspects of law enforcement including traffic patrol to major crime scene investigations. Throughout my career, I continue to learn new technologies and more efficient ways to perform the duties of my job. As a patrol officer, I keep abreast of local municipalities and remain in contact with our residents. This has allowed me the ability to maintain a constant relationship with our citizens. I have built integrity and trust with the citizens of Clark County.

Q: How would you describe the role of a sheriff?
The role of a Sheriff is to be a leader to the County and its residents. One must be approachable, use appropriate resources, knowledge from training, and life experiences to guide staff and future officers. A Sheriff is also responsible for protecting the communities it serves and reducing crime along with maintaining and controlling the confined setting of a jail.

Q: What changes, if any, would you bring to the office?
Changes I would bring to the office would include the following:
  • Build the reserve force to utilize as a flexible resource to better serve the county in times of need
  • Create a "Major Crisis Team" that would place primary emphasis on crimes of the most serious nature until a suspect is identified and/or apprehended
  • Update technology to reduce time officers spend performing clerical work
  • Obtain a Drug Canine Unit to work with our local communities to reduce drug crimes within the County
  • Reduce property crimes through better coordination and communication within the department, its staff and surrounding municipalities
  • Continue an aggressive response to child maltreatment and sensitive crimes

Q: What would be your priorities?
My top priority for the department would be to keep the communication link between the Department's staff, the surrounding cities and municipalities, and our rural communities strong. This can only be accomplished by listening to and working with each other as a team.

Q: Some believe County Sheriffs should take a more active roll in enforcing immigration violations. What do you think?
Immigration violations should be enforced; however, immigration is enforced by our Federal Government; Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE). Currently, the Sheriff's Department is working with Immigration and customs fugitive operations teams for Aliens who failed to leave the United States or Aliens who reentered the United States. Additionally, the County is currently working with the Department of Homeland Security in reference to illegal Aliens. The Department has a program in place where Jail staff notifies the Department of Homeland Security whenever anyone is booked into the jail that may be an illegal Alien.

Q: Is illegal immigration a problem in Clark County? Why or why not?
The problem is becoming more aware to the Department as our immigration population grows. The Department is aware of the situation and is dealing with it properly.

Q: Recently, an area District Attorney said he would no longer charge certain gun crimes based on a Supreme Court ruling. Your thoughts.
I believe you are referring to the Jackson County case on open carry laws. According to Attorney General J.B. Van Hollen, 'It is not unlawful, barring other facts and circumstances, to openly carry a firearm in Wisconsin.' Another case I personally followed was a story in West Allis, WI where a gentleman named Brad Krause was in his yard planting a tree and exercising his right to open and carry. Mr. Krause had a hand gun in a holster exposed to the public. The police were notified and gave Mr. Krause a ticket alleging disorderly conduct. This is one of the first open carry gun cases heard in Wisconsin court. Municipal Judge Paul Murphy determined Krause's actions did not rise to disorderly conduct and found him not guilty. As I researched this case, my thought was that Mr. Krause had done no wrong. As an advocate hunter, land owner, and the rural life-style I live I am a strong supporter of the open carry law.

Q: Would you propose cutting the Sheriff's Department budget? If so, how? If not, why?
I would propose not cutting the Sheriff's Department budget. The Sheriff's Department is running on minimal staffing levels. The demand and expectations from our citizens is to maintain a highly qualified and flexible workforce to ensure public safety.

Q: Do you think the current proportion of patrol and administration strikes the right balance?
The current proportion of patrol is not enough to enforce all the laws and reduce all the crime within the County. Clark County is the second largest county in the state based on square miles therefore making patrolling this vast area time consuming for the patrol division. The problem then becomes funding extra personnel and maintaining a healthy budget that the County Board is willing to accept. Administration strenuously oversees departments which include communications, dispatch, jail, patrol, and the detective division.

Q: Can anything be done locally to discourage drunk driving?
Drunk driving can be reduced through random traffic stops such as the State of Wisconsin is performing this month through the beginning of September. Drunk driving can also be reduced through encouragement of a sober designated driver and through diligently enforcing drunk driving laws.

Q: The County currently employs a special officer to investigate drug crimes. Would you continue this program? Explain.
The drug officer employed by the department is an absolute necessity and I would continue this program. I would like to introduce a canine drug unit to the department as a deterrent in eliminating drug crimes in Clark County. I have talked to many Clark County residents throughout my campaign and the want and demand for drug enforcement and drug enforcement personnel has been in many topics of discussion. The citizens of Clark County are expressing interest and demand from our Department for an officer specializing working drug crimes.

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