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Coronavirus Numbers for August 4th
Tuesday, August 4th, 2020 -- 11:09 am
Posted by Riley Hebert-News Director

-Taking a look at the updated coronavirus numbers from yesterday:

The state has 911,435 negative cases, 55,328 positive cases (an increase of 404 over yesterday) and 949 deaths, an increase of 1 over yesterday. Of the positive cases, 4,732, or 8%, have been hospitalized. Clark County has 177 positive cases and 3,532 negative. For our neighboring counties, Chippewa has 210 positive and 9,933 negative, Eau Claire has 507 positive and 13,833 negative and Jackson has 49 positive and 5,126 negative.

Also, Wood has 241 positive and 8,878 negative, Marathon has 580 positive and 12,096 negative and Taylor has 54 positive and 1,730 negative. Clark County has had 7 people die from the virus. Marathon has had 6 people die from the virus. Eau Claire has had 3 people die from the virus. Jackson and Wood have had one person die from the virus.

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