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More Info on State Mask Mandate

Friday, July 31st, 2020 -- 11:12 am
Posted by Riley Hebert-News Director

(AP) -Wisconsin Gov. Tony Evers on Thursday issued a statewide mask mandate amid a spike in coronavirus cases.

Evers declared a new public health emergency and ordered the wearing of masks for anyone age 5 and up starting on Saturday for all enclosed spaces except a person’s home. The new order also applies to outdoor bars and restaurants, except when people are eating or drinking. Anyone who violates the order would be subject to a $200 fine. It is scheduled to run until Sept. 28. Shortly after the order was issued, false information was spread around social media and even repeated by state leaders. To clarify, you need to wear a mask when you’re indoors or in any enclosed space with a group of people.

It’s also recommended to wear a mask outdoors if you’re in a crowd of people and you can’t social distance or if you’re at a bar or restaurant and you’re eating outdoors with a crowd of people. You don’t need to wear a mask when you’re at your own home, when you’re outdoors and nobody is around or when you’re in any other enclosed space and nobody is around. Also, people with breathing difficulties or cognitive impairments do not need to wear a mask. Children under the age of 5 don’t need to wear a mask either.

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