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47th Neillsville Member/Guest Men’s Golf Invitational Results
Monday, July 27th, 2020 -- 8:08 am
Posted by Larry Hoeser, Sports Director

The 47th Neillsville Member/Guest Men’s Golf Invitational was held over the weekend with two-man teams playing a best-ball format.

Here are the top finishers in each flight:

5th Flight:
1st Emling/Krehmeyer 169
2nd Poeschel/Poeschel 169
3rd Simek/Denk 170
4th Harder/Harder 171

4th Flight:
1st Nelson/Nelson 153
2nd Opelt/Schmidt 157
3rd Kuhn/Ehlers 158
4th Sjolin/Knaack 162

3rd Flight:
1st Sturz/Sturz 150
2nd Seelow/Berg 151
3rd Wold/Beelman 157
4th Bennett/Weibel 158

2nd Flight:
1st John/Peters 149
2nd Stumpner/Andregg 149
3rd Brussow/Bacon 153
4th Vine/Vine 154

1st Flight:
1st Kren/Dux 139
2nd Brussow/Bacon 143
3rd Brussow/Brussow 144
3rd Brunette/Brunette 144

Championship Flight:
1st Leslie/Leslie 130
2nd Johnson/Wathke 133
T3rd Klein/Kren, Hediger/Kunze and Schield/Schield 135

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