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Coronavirus Numbers for June 29th: Clark County Hits 70 Cases
Monday, June 29th, 2020 -- 12:25 pm
Posted by Riley Hebert-News Director

-Taking a look at the updated coronavirus numbers from yesterday:

The state has 521,747 negative cases, 27,743 positive cases and 777 deaths. Of the positive cases, 3,393, or 12%, have been hospitalized. Clark County now has 70 positive cases and 2,051 negative. Of those cases 15 are active. The county has had 9 total people hospitalized, but no one is currently hospitalized. For our neighboring counties, Chippewa has 82 positive and 4,733 negative and Eau Claire has 208 positive and 8,127 negative.

Also, Jackson has 26 positive and 2,341 negative, Wood has 47 positive and 4,779 negative, Marathon has 150 positive and 6,404 negative and Taylor has 12 positive and 975 negative. Clark County has had 6 people die from the virus. Jackson, Marathon, Wood and Eau Claire have had one person die from the virus.

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