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COVID-19 Pandemic Update for the Afternoon of May 22nd: Another Increase of 500 Cases; First Death in Wood County
Friday, May 22nd, 2020 -- 2:49 pm
Posted by Riley Hebert-News Director

COVID-19 Update
May 22nd, Afternoon

We have a COVID-19 update for you this afternoon.

Taking a look at the updated state numbers, the state has 172,703 negative tests, 14,396 positive cases (an increase of 511 over yesterday) and 496 deaths, an increase of 9 over yesterday. Of the positive cases, 2,218, or 16%, have been hospitalized. There has been some confusion with Clark County's numbers. Earlier this week, the State Department of Health Services had reported the county had 30 positive cases. On Thursday, they corrected the number to 29 and then corrected it to 28 this afternoon. However, the Clark County Health Department has confirmed the county has a total of 28 positive cases and 626 negative. For our neighboring counties, Chippewa has 46 positive and 2,016 negative, Eau Claire has 89 positive and 3,836 negative, Jackson has 15 positive and 793 negative, Wood has 9 positive and 1,462 negative, Marathon has 36 positive and 1,994 negative and Taylor has 1 positive case and 285 negative. Clark County has had 4 people die from the coronavirus. Marathon and Jackson Counties have had one person die due to the coronavirus. And Wood County has reported their first death from the virus.

If there’s anything we can do at Central Wisconsin Broadcasting to help, please reach out. We have many resources available to you on our website and Facebook page and we’re happy to answer your questions. If we can’t, we can put you in touch with someone that can. But above all, continue to follow health expert guidelines.

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