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State Superintendent Not Seeking Re-Election
Tuesday, January 14th, 2020 -- 7:33 am
Posted by Riley Hebert-News Director

(WRN) -The state's current head of public instruction won't be seeking a new term in office.

Current State Superintendent Carolyn Stanford Taylor says she won't be running for the post again once she's served out this term. She says she'll continue to push for better funding for low income students and schools as she did in this budget cycle.

"What we want for them is what we want for all our students, and that they are college and career ready. They're ready for the next transition to life."

Taylor says she's planning on serving out this term, and let someone be elected to the position. Until then, she'll continue to push for better funding for schools and teachers in the state budget.

"We will be working on specific strategies, lending additional support to school districts in the form of technical assistance, guidance, and conference or professional learning."

Taylor says her department's schools budget got some good traction in the Legislature last year, and she'll continue to work to get better funding for the schools that need it.

"We will again ask for those same resources. We were able to get some of those things. We see that as forward movement but the need is still there."

Stanford Taylor was second in command at Public Instruction when Governor Evers was elected.

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